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How to Make Fry Pan Toasted Bread instead of eating Plain Bread always

This is How to make Fry Pan Toasted Bread for Breakfast.

Plain bread and Tea or Coffee for breakfast,taste good but toasted bread taste better. 

If you make toasted bread most times instead of plain bread, then breakfast will be fun always. 

Toasted bread is not only packed and filled with good nutritional values but it taste great and looks good such that some Children that don't like to eat will gladly, want toasted bread as their snack in school during Break time or lunch.


1) Put fry Pan or pot on fire. 

2) When it's hot,add butter or small groundnut oil. 

3) Break egg and put inside a bowl. 

4) Put the Bread inside the bowl of egg and rob all the body of the sliced bread with it. 

5) Deep fry in the hot oil or butter.

Make sure the Oil is very hot and let the oil or butter not be too much.

Most People don't understand that when deep frying, if the oil isn't hot enough whatever you are frying will soak in oil or become oily but if the oil is hot enough before you fry, what you fry will look like it's baked. 

Why not alternate the regular plain bread you take every morning and prepare fry Pan toasted bread that will make the whole family to need more always. 

You may wish to further garnish your toasted bread with vegetables or tomatoes as it pleases you. 

When the bread is toasted you'll feel the great difference in taste and you'd likely want to toast your bread always.

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