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Simple Recipe For Making Delicious Native Rice.


1. Parboiled rice

2. Red bell pepper (Tatashe)

3. Medium Onion

4. Scotch Bonnet (Rodo)

5. Ata Ijosi (hot pepper)

6. Oil Palm

7. Cups chicken or beef stock

8. Locust beans (Iru)

9. Medium-Sized Smoked Fish, cleaned and shredded.

10. Pieces of chopped or sliced cooked ponmo (Optional)

11. Prawns Smoked

12. Ground crayfish

13. Basil, spinach, or pumpkin leaves (Optional)

14. Seasoning cubes

15. Salt as Desired


Start by parboiling your rice and setting it aside. With a little water, blend the bell pepper (Tatashe), scotch bonnet (Rodo), dried pepper (Ata Ijosi), and one onion.

In a sizable pot, add the palm oil. Place in a medium-heat range. Once the oil is hot, add the locust beans and sauté before adding the crayfish. Stir and cook for an additional two to three minutes. This should take about six to eight minutes total.

Add salt to taste, blended pepper and knorr cubes should also be added. Stir occasionally for 5 to 6 minutes. If you're going to use stock, try not to add too much salt; stock includes a lot of salt.

Add the Ponmo or any other tough protein you're using, toss and cook for 4 minutes to thoroughly blend. Add the parboiled rice now.

Add the shredded smoked fish and smoked prawns. Stir and combine again, being careful not to add too much liquid. Taste for seasoning and salt, then make any required adjustments.

Cook rice until extremely soft while closely covered.

Turn off the heat and add your basil, spinach, or pumpkin leaves, cover and allow to simmer in the heat for about 2-3 minutes.

Content created and supplied by: Spicy_Recipes (via Opera News )

Medium Onion Rodo Scotch Bonnet Tatashe


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