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The Nigerian Lady Who Became Popular In South Africa For Cooking & Selling Nigerian Foods Over There

There is no doubt that you can become popular because of what you do, especially if people like what you do. There are a lot of people who are very popular today because of what they started doing. This is the same story with a lady known as Gloria who became popular in South Africa because she cooks and sells Nigerian foods in the country.

According to reports, Gloria started as a 'Mama Put' under a giant tree along the road in a town in South Africa. She was only cooking and selling Nigerian dishes under the tree, her main aim was to serve Nigerians over there. But things worked out well for her, South Africans started buying and eating her food.

They enjoyed the Nigerian dishes she prepares, they kept on coming. According to her, she said she started improving, she started under a tree, but today, she has a large restaurant in the country. South Africans liked Nigerian dishes, then they started patronizing her, they even buy her food more than Nigerians over there. Her initial aim was to serve only Nigerians in the country, but today she's serving the whole country.

People know her very well in that part of the country, both Nigerians and South Africans. She now has many workers, she's now a boss of her own business. And her business is undoubtedly moving well for her in the country. She buys her foodstuff in Nigeria, then they get shipped to South Africa. She never expected South Africans to like her Nigerian food the way they do. Please like, share, and follow me up. Thanks for reading.

Content created and supplied by: Miracleikwor (via Opera News )

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