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Side Effects of Eating Raw Crayfish

In today's world especially in this part of the world, there is no way you can cook a delicious food without adding crayfish. This is a healthy and nutritious fish but there is also a general habit that should be done away with. Many people have made it a habit to consume crayfish directly without cooking it or even adding it to their meals.

This is a very unhealthy habit and it has some side effects that should be taken seriously. If you are one of the people that have made it a habit to eat crayfish raw without boiling it or even consuming it after it has been added to the meal, this article would be highly informative to you. Just sit tight and enjoy this article whilst learning something new.

What Are The Side Effects Of Consuming Crayfish Raw?

1. Eating Crayfish Raw exposes you to Salmonella; this is a very deadly bacteria that is often passed from raw or not well cooked foods like egg, crayfish etc. This is one of the health problems you expose yourself to by eating raw crayfish constantly, and anybody that suffers from salmonella poisoning would notice signs like diarrhea and dehydration and if care is not taken, such a person might be faced life threatening signs or symptoms. So make sure you stop consuming crayfish raw for the sake of your health.

2. Hygienic Concerns; this is another reason why you should never consume crayfish raw. If you are the type of person fond of consuming crayfish as it is, then you are paving way for bacteria and several infections to penetrate your body. This is because nutritionists suggest that certain foods should pass through 118 degrees of beat before they can be consumed and crayfish happens to be one of such foods. Consuming Crayfish can reduce your immunity and generally disrupt the way your body functions due to the infiltration of bacteria and germs.

3. Can Induce Non-Pulmonary Tuberculosis; this is another reason why you should stop consuming crayfish raw. Crayfish in it's raw state is not something anyone should even tru to consume like that because it contains mycobacterium bovis that has the capability of inducing Non-Pulmonary Tuberculosis in the body of any person. Funny enough, most of the vital nutrients inherent in most foods only get unlocked when such foods are properly boiled and cooked.

4. Consuming Crayfish Raw can also cause some gastrointestinal issues. So make sure before you eat crayfish, it is properly cooked in your food.

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Source: HealthGuidance

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