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Ekusu, The MoiMoi Edo People Use Corn Instead Of Beans To Prepare

In the busy streets of Benin city, you will see hawkers who sell different delectable meals and snacks. One of these meals popular and home to the Edo people is Ekusu. As a person who grew up in the western part of Nigeria, I always had this thinking that Moi-Moi is generally made with beans. Little did I know that I was thinking all wrong. Ekusu is actually Moi-Moi, but Moi-Moi made from corn! Can you believe that? Moi-Moi not made with beans but corn!

But how is corn, a popular staple food in Nigeria used in the making of what was previously for me, a beans meal?The first thing you need to do in the preparation of Ekusu is obviously to get the main ingredient which is corn. Many Edo people love to use white corn in preparing Ekusu. They naturally love eating white corn more than the popularized yellow corn in the streets of Lagos State. 

After getting your corns, you will then remove the grains of corn from the cob and blend till it forms a paste. 

The next thing you want to do is to add pepper and diced onions to the mixture. These are natural flavours that are prerequisites in this meal. In fact, many Ekusu sellers add more than the usual amount of onions to bring out the flavour of this little meal. 

You will then add shrimps (lots of it!), Seasoning cubes, salt and palm oil to the mixture. 

On another side, you will need to wash your Moi-Moi leaves which you will eventually use in wrapping the mixture. 

After wrapping the mixture in the leaves, you will place the ekusu on medium heat and allow to cook. And that's it! Your ekusu is ready.

The interesting thing is that the preparation of ekusu is almost similar to the Moi-Moi made with beans. Personally, I love it when I find lots of shrimps or crayfish in my ekusu. It makes it quite delicious, mouthful and highly nutritional.

Content created and supplied by: Sosy_Imafidon (via Opera News )

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