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Top 2 Healthy Breakfast Alternatives To Bread And Tea

In some parts of Africa and Nigeria in particular, people have grown to believe in, or have a particular diet pattern which now seems to be the usual eating pattern, and continue on this routine for a very long time.

Examples of these diet patterns and eating routines include having particular meals for a particular day just like the way eating rice is now seen in some places as compulsory every Sunday. Asides from that certain meals have also grown to be very popular and are now seen as staples for a particular time of the day.

Tea and bread rank among these foods that are now seen as staples for a particular time of the day as many now believe that this food is only meant for breakfast while others now make it compulsory that no other food can be had for breakfast apart from tea and bread.

Although tea and bread can be delightful to have for breakfast, it is not too healthy to form the habit of being bound by a particular meal or diet at any time of the day.

Instead of dwelling on a single diet for a long time, some top alternatives that rank amongst the healthiest of foods listed below would be best to replace tea and bread with at certain times and would help make you healthier.

1) Oat Meal:-

Oats are known to be one of the healthiest foods for consumption containing lots of active nutrients that would keep your body functional and healthy. They are also one of the most nutritious breakfast foods that could lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels as well as reduce the risk of so many diseases.

Note:- These health benefits can best be gotten from less processed oatmeal so you should go for natural and less processed oatmeals for a healthy breakfast.

2) Egg And Potatoes:-

Eggs are also known to be very healthy and delicious foods that are very rich in protein as well as other nutrients. Potatoes also are very healthy foods rich in fiber and vitamins. These healthy foods when paired together would make a very healthy breakfast to kickstart your day, with the full required energy from the combination of their nutrients.

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