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Can you eat these foods? Check out these 40 amazing designs an artist did to these foods

Food is edible and the sensation we get from eating food is blissful. When we eat a tasty food we feel happy, and when we do not eat a tasty food we feel unsatisfied. There are a list of food from healthy, spicy, nutritious and so on. But to make the every day life more meaningful, one has to think out of the box and become more creative, so a few good artists who definitely know how to cook and decorate food has come up with mouth watering ways to entice our taste buds and visual appeal.

Designs that involves food have the unique job of engaging viewers' senses and getting their taste buds tingling to try or buy the product pictured. Whether on restaurant menus, packaging or advertisement, food imagery needs to make the most of qualities like color, texture and shape to look as appealing as possible. Here are some appetizing categories of food designs that offer some ideas and tecniques that you can apply yourself

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