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Zobo, Soya Milk And Three Other Local Drinks You Probably Didn't Know About

Many people tend to discard some things because it is locally made. This is a wrong idealogy and it shouldn't be encouraged because locally made meals and drinks are more healthy and nutritious than the already processed ones.

In this article, I will be showing you some locally made drinks that are popular in different parts of Nigeria. You might know some and fail to know others, just comment on the ones you know. I will also be dropping the health benefits of this drinks as I go on.

1. Zobo

Made from dried Roselle plant flowers, it is easily the most popular local drink in Nigeria. They have elements in them that can prevent high blood pressure.

2. Kunu

This is a very tasty drink that originated from the Northern part of Nigeria. They are highly nutritious and you should try them out.

3. Soya Milk

This a local drink made from soya beans.

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