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Simple Way To Identify Bad Eggs Without Cracking Them

Eggs are good source of protein, especially the albumen. They may have brown or white shells but they have the same nutritive value. You can use it fresh or dried. It's health benefits is most obtained when boiled. It is advisable to eat at least one egg a day for your stomach. Eating boiled eggs also helps in weight loss. Eggs can equally be fried depending on your choice.

It is quite difficult to differentiate between good eggs and spoilt or stale ones without cracking them open. Of course you can always crack them open to identify the stale ones but in a situation where you're not ready to use everything yet, this method comes in handy and it's very simple.

It's not good to leave both bad eggs and good ones together because the bad ones will affect the good ones leading to their spoilage too. Before talking about how to know the bad eggs, let's look at what the normal egg should look like:

1) It's shell should be rough and not shiny

2) It should be clean and not cracked.

But sometimes, even the bad eggs have these qualities. So in a situation like this, this is what to do to identify bad eggs.


* Jar of water

* Salt


*Add a reasonable amount of salt to your jar of water

* Then add your egg to it and observe.

If it floats after adding to the salt water, that means the egg is spoilt but if it doesn't float on top of the water, the egg is still good.

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