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List Of Best Nigerian Food Combinations Most People Don't Know About

Nigerians are very good when it comes to cooking. They make delicious foods that can cause addiction. Most people eat a particular food at a particular restaurant everyday because they are getting addicted to the food. It's not actually a good idea to eat a particular food everyday and this article is going to show you different food combinations that sure hits the right spot on the brain. These foods are just simple foods that don't require much stress to make.

1. Bread and Akara

Bread and Akara hits the right spot on the brain. It's a delicious food combination and it's popular among young people. Akara is really easy to prepare and it goes together with a soft bread. It's a natural simple morning food that people don't joke with. They eat the akara together with the bread and add it up with a soft drink. The taste from the akara and bread combination is second to none.

2. Spaghetti and Beans

This combination is superb because spaghetti is naturally soft and delicious when cooked and a mashup with beans makes it stand out even more. Unlike the bread and Akara, spaghetti and Beans can be eaten without calling for a drink as the spaghetti has a favourable high water content when cooked. Most people don't know much about these combinations and have not tried it either.

3. Beans and Bread

Beans can be eaten with almost anything and that is a sure bet. If you really haven't tried the beans and bread combo, then you're missing out a lot because it's really worth it. Beans and bread is similar to bread and Akara but beans has a little moisture content. Not everyone have good eyes for food but if you actually do, then you must know that a beans and bread combo is amazing. Most people eat their beans with pap but bread makes a better combination.

4. Bread and Egg

Bread is nice and goes well together with egg. Eggs can also be eaten alone but with the oil, its combination with the bread can be so delicious. Bread and Egg makes a great combination and you should look into it. People who love beans and bread and also bread and egg even more because eggs are highly proteinous.

5. Akara and Akamu (Pap)

Akara can sure be an A&A bond. Akara is easily prepared and also Akamu. It's not something that would be so difficult to prepare. People who eat Akara and Akamu mainly add milk together to make the Akamu taste nice. It's a popular morning food because it's just so easy to make and it tastes delicious.

6. Plantain and Egg

Plantain and egg is also good combination for someone to try out. Most people just eat plantain with Akamu but it stands out also with fried eggs. Plantain and egg is a good combination and it's mainly eaten for dinner because it's light and doesn't require much energy to prepare. The body doesn't need heavy foods before sleep, that's why plantain and eggs make the perfect dinner combo.

7. Rice and Beans

Rice is a very nice energy giving food and it makes a nice combination with beans. Beans is highly proteinous and it goes well with several foods too. Rice and beans is a normal food every average home can provide. Most people cook the rice and beans together in the same pot while some persons cook the beans and rice separately .

8. Beans and Garri

Garri is a fried cassava flake that can be soaked and eaten. It goes together with beans and it's very common because Garri is one of the most consumed food in Nigeria. Beans and Garri can be eaten in two ways, some people soak the Garri and also add sugar to get a great taste while some other people mix the Garri together with the Beans to thicken it up before eating.

9. Noodles and Bread

This is a weird food combination but many people haven't tried it before because they are scared of getting of getting the wrong taste. Noodles are very good when it comes to protein, they make good combinations with proteinous foods and at such have a very good taste when eaten alone. People buy soft breads, open it wide and put the noodles in between before eating it. It's weird but a really nice combo.

10. Beans and Plantain

Plantain ( also known as dodo by the Yoruba people) is highly delicious when fried. Beans and Plantain is a good combination, some people love it when it's cooked together as porridge but the best combination is eating the beans together with a fried plantain. Fried plantain and beans can be delicious when it's well prepared. Eating the fried plantain with a beans with lots of oil is the best combo and it's better than being cooked as a porridge.

If you have a favorite food combination, lets hear it out in the comments section

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