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10 Nigerian Foods You Can Prepare Without Onions, Fresh Tomatoes or Beef.

With the recent decision of the Northern farmers to stop sending some food ingredients like onions and tomatoes to the Southern part of the country, it is imperative for the people of the Southern part of the country to go back to their local delicacies which hardly require any conditions from the Northern part of the country to prepare. 

In no order 10 of such food is listed below

1 Fisherman Soup

If you are from the south-south or river line area of Niger-delta. Get acquainted with this soup. The soup is made with different sea or river animals, including fresh fish, crabs, water snails periwinkle and Crayfish. Require no onions, tomatoes or beef and very nutritious. enjoy this soup with any fufu of your choice.

2 Boiled Plantain and Owo soup

This is another south-south delicacy largely eaten by Edo and Delta state people. Owo is more like a palm oil sauce with local ingredients and dry fish. Best enjoy with boiled unripe plantain. Plantain is a source potassium, vitamins, fiber, antioxidants with many potential health benefits.  

3 Ekpang ( Grated cocoyam)

This delicacy is more common with Efik, Cross river and Akwa-ibom people. This food made from mashed or grated cocoyam only require fish or crayfish, palm oil, vegetables for wrapping and periwinkles to bring out its sumptuous taste. Cocoyam is rich in vitamin B6 and dietary fibers which makes it good in controlling high blood pressure, blood sugar levels and regulating bowel movement.

4 Ukwa (Breadfruit)

If you are from the south-eastern part of the country and not familiar with this cuisine, your igboness is not complete (lol just joking). This is one food that can be prepared only by itself and it still comes out delicious. No onions, tomatoes, meat, species or artificial sweetener. Ukwa is an excellent source of potassium, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, proteins and minerals. In essence, if you are debetic, suffer from ulcer, pregnant or having chewing problems like in very old people then ukwa to the rescue.

5 Ikokore ( Water yam porridge)

From the south-west part of the country comes this amazing delicacy. Ikokore is made from grated wateryam, garnish with smoke fish, pepper, crayfish and other local condiments. The taste is divine. Wateryam is packed with nutrients and also very soft making it a food for all.

6 Abacha (African salad)

Another south-eastern food that is prepared with palm oil, local condiments and some dry fish.

7 Okro soup

This mighty soup made from okro and vegetables is popular among Nigerians. Cooking okro soup is simple. Very nutritious as okro is a vegetable on its own and contain different vitamins and antioxidants. It can be prepared with fresh fish, crabs, dry fish or any fish of your choice.

8 Corn and bean porridge 

Some part of Igbos can relate to this delicacy especially now that we are in the season of corn. This is a delicious combination of beans and corn that require no extras like tomatoes or onion or even meat.

9 Yam and vegetable salad

If you have not added this food to your menu, you are missing a lot. This is simply a mixture of boiled yam and steam vegetables and your food is ready. No onions, no tomatoes , no redmeat. Garnish with dry or smoke fish if you want.

10 Banga Rice (Palmnut Rice)

For rice lovers, get your palm oil nuts, extract the liquid, add enough crayfish, dry fish, pepper and other spices. Pour in your rice and enjoy the rich consistency.

Note that adding onions, tomatoes or beef to these foods mention above is a choice and not a necessary ingredients needed in such food and also there are still lots of local dishes not mention in this article which you can bring to our notice by commenting. Thanks

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