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Lady Refuses To Eat From The Meat She Sells In Lagos (video)

Most Nigerians have this urge of buying roadside food with minding how the food is being cooked or the environment were it was prepared.

Everyday we see people with different business ideas all in the name of trying to survive, but most of these businesses are not legit.

It is know especially in Lagos that the idea of selling food is a lucrative business since everybody wants to eat during work period or when they are done for the day.

But be rest assure that most of this food we buy and eat everyday does not come from genuine source.

Here is a viral video of a lady who was asked to eat the meat she sells after it was paid for by some Lagosian.

The lady immediately burst into tears after she was asked to eat the meat they had paid for.

Onlookers and the men who paid for the meat wondered why she didn't want to eat from the meat.

She was asked several times to eat from the meat, but she refused and continued crying.

It is still yet to be known why the lady refused to eat from the same meat she sells.

Nigerians needs to be extremely careful of the kind of food they buy from roadside sellers, because you never can tell what was used in preparing such food.


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