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How to Prepare Rice or Couscous Dambu with Moringa or Spinach Leaf

Dambu is a local food made in Northern Nigeria, it is a very delicious food, it is mostly made with rice but can be made with maize grains or Couscous.


Grated rice or Couscous

Moringa or Spinach leaf

Pepper and onions

Curry and Spices

Salt and Seasonings

Groundnut or vegetable oil



Alternatives for steamer:

1. Pot and colander:

2. Pot and silver container

(if you don't know how to use them, you can ask in the comments section)

How to make: Rice Dambu

Step one:

Measure your rice and take it to the the grinders for grinding, it should be grated to become smaller grains (It should look like Couscous).

Step two:

Sieve the rice to remove the flour, dump the flour and use the rice grains. Wash the grains and drain out the water.

Step three:

Wash your moringa or Spinach leaf and keep aside.

Step four:

Mix the rice with some salt, chopped onions and the Moringa leaves. Mix well and put the prepared rice inside the steamer and let to steam for 25 minutes.

(You can let the Dambu to cook fully then eat the local way with oil, pepper, Seasoning, kulikuli and chopped tomatoes and onion or you can proceed with the next step.)

Step five:

After steaming for a few minutes, open the steamer and add curry, seasonings, grated pepper and onions, oil, and mix well.

If you are making the Dambu with Spinach leaves then you add the leaves in this step, spinach leafs are soft and can melt quickly.

Step six:

Steam till the Dambu is soft and ready.

Serve hot with a chilled drink!

How to make: Couscous Dambu

Step one:

Put the Couscous in a bowl and mix with some water to wet.

Step two:

Add oil, Seasonings and salt to taste, grated pepper and onion, cooked moringa leaf or washed spinach leaves and mix well.

Step three:

Steam for a few minutes until ready.

Serve hot with a chilled drink.


Couscous dambu takes a few minutes to make, that's why cooked moringa leaf is used.

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