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Are You A Cake Designer? See How To Make Your Own Cake Decorating Nozzles From Toothpaste Sachets

Cakes are among the most popular desserts in the World, even though cake is not a traditional delicacy in Africa, it is still very important because everyone including kids love eating it. What makes cake unique is that it is used for Celebration such as wedding ceremonies and birthday parties.

Even though several people love plain cakes, they cannot be used for celebrations or parties. The only way to make cakes more presentable is to design them with fondant, buttercream and many more.

It is not easy to apply frosting on cakes because it requires several tools such as turntable, cake scraper or nozzle. Although most of these tools are expensive, some of them can be make at home with cheap items.Cake nozzles are among the most expensive cake tools in the World but most cake designers can't do without them because they are the main tools for cake designing.

There are various ways of making cake nozzles at home and in this article I will be showing you one of them.

In this article, I will be showing you how to make your own cake nozzles from empty toothpaste sachets so let's get started.


Cut the top and bottom of the toothpaste sachets to get flat sheets


Soak the flat toothpaste sachets in hot water for fifteen minutes to disinfect them. You can also boil them for five minutes.


Cut the sachets into two parts to make them easier to work with.


Fold them to get a cone shape and tape them with glue or sellotape.


Your cake nozzles are ready but you have to cut them into different shapes.

We have different types of nozzles such as rose tip, star tip, basket tip or round tip but the most popular ones are star nozzles. Without wasting time, let's check out how to make some of these nozzles.

How To Make Star Nozzle


Take one of the nozzles and cut the upper part as shown in the photos


Cut V shapes on the upper part as shown in the photos below


Bend the tips and your star nozzle is ready

How To Make Leaf Nozzle


Cut the upper part and cut from both sides as shown below


Cut V shapes in the middle and flatten the upper part with your fingers.


Your leaf nozzle is ready

How To Make Basket Nozzle


Cut the upper part and cut V shapes on one side of the nozzle.


Flatten the top part and your basket nozzle is ready.

So this is how to make your own cake nozzles from toothpaste sachets.

To use the nozzles, put one of them in a piping bag, put some frosting into the bag and start designing your cake.

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