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Buttercream Icing Recipe to try at Home if you ever run out of Icing Sugar

Truly necessity is the mother of invention. When you really need to get something done and you dont have the means to do that thing, you'll surely look for ways to improvise.

Recently, I tired baking a chocolate cake and i wanted to put frosting on it but I didn't have icing sugar at home anymore. So I decided to do a Google search on how someone could make frosting without icing sugar and voila! I got a recipe from this website with a video illustration of this. The name of this frosting is whipped buttercream frosting, also called flour buttercream frosting.

Ingredients required

- Milk

- Flour

- Vanilla extract or any suitable flavourings

- Butter (I used margarine)

- Granulated sugar

- Heat

- Spoon

- Pan


- Mix the flour and milk on a pan and cook it while stirring it till it gives a consistency of thick custard. Add vanilla extract and sugar to this mixture till it thickens. Then, allow to cool adequately.

- Cream the butter till soft and add in the flour mixture and stir or mix till well combined. You can divide it into portions to put food colouring in it.

- Use a spatula and piping tool to decorate your cake and enjoy it to the fullest.

The good thing about this cake is the fact that it's not too sweet like regular buttercream or fondant icing and it requires regular cake ingredients you would normally use.

I would advise that you watch the video on the website to get a better grasp of how to make it. You should try it too.

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