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See Pancake turn to Dodo - See the result of this guy's first attempt + hilarious comments

Life is full of fun, and one of those major funs is the result that most first attempts in dishes or other activities normally develop into.

Below are images of a supposed pancake from an innocent guy, he intended to make pancakes but ended up making pan-akara, according to himself.

The image generated lots of actions and comments from readers. While most of them were targeted at correcting him and let him know how to do it better next time, some were just pure fun making of the poster.

I feel for the guy anyway, but I wanna believe he will do better next time.

Some of the comments that will surely make your day and other pictures of pancakes from people who are now good at it.

How pancake take turn plantain nitori Olohun???

How to make pancakes for the ancestors 😂😂.

You used Hoil instead of Oil.

So much oil, when it's not puff puff💔

Pancake or akara? Four (4) pancake in this small pot at the same time? And nah flour take the blame? Nah men like you dey chop sister come lie on top innocent devil. Continue.

Pancake turn Pankara.

The ground oil was too much for frying and you added to much butter to your mix. Next time a tsp of butter will do. when frying drop a little groundnut oil(you can use a tbsp to measure it),scoop your batter drop in your frying pan and fry on low heat.

Use non stick frypan when you want to try this next time,its pancake not dodo reduce your oil in your next practical.

Sha don't burn down your kitchen .

Oyinda the great chef.

I saw dodo at first.

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I don’t even know which one is worse. Is it the part where you added butter? Or the part where you use oil like you’re about to fry fish?🤣🤣                                P:S Ask for directions next time.

Next time tell me to teach you

Cos the one you made is international Akara o not pancakes.

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Dodo Hoil Oil Pancake akara


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