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Masa: A Hausa Delicacy You Can Prepare At Low Cost

Good day to esteem readers of Opera Hub.

I know that this is a trying time for many households and that this Covid-19 pandemic has badly affected small and medium enterprises nationwide. I have this to offer you, a northern delicacy that is peculiar to Hausa people from Northern region of the country but i am sure that you will find this very beneficial and cost friendly.

Masa is northern delicacy you can prepare at a very cheap cost depending on the size of your family. It requires not much time to cook and believe me it is very delicious in the mouth. Any Hausa man or woman reading this can testify (or someone that had been to the northern states of Nigeria). Let me not fill you with suspense. I will teach you how to make your own Masa for you and your family, very mouthwatering indeed. Cheers!

Basic Ingredients needed for Mass

1. Four (4) cups of rice (Depending on your family size).

2. Three (3) tablespoon of Yeast (Make sure it is original yeast).

3. One tablespoon of Baking powder.

4. Cooked white rice of 2 cups.

5. Sugar (quarter cup).

6. Vegetable oil enough to fry.

Note: You can add grinded mixture of pepper, onion, meat, green pepper etc if you can afford.

How to prepare your Masa:

1. Wash your rice carefully and make sure you rid it of dust and other debris, keep it wet for few hours before grinding it.

2. After grinding stir it very well. Apply your yeast and baking powder into the grinded rice, stir again very hard. Find a warm place to store it and allow the yeast to take effect in at least one hour.

3. Later on, pour in your cooked rice into the grinded mixture, add very little quantity of water together with your sugar and stir it very well.

4. There is a special pot to fry Masa as you can see from some of these pictures. If you don't have it you can ask your neighbour. Find a medium size spoon, use it to pour the mixture into the pot and fry your Masa gently. Turn it from time to time to avoid excess heat.

After the above procedures, your Masa is ready for consumption. You have seen how cost effective it is to cook Masa, With just 1000 naira you can prepare Masa that will feed ten people. You can choose to eat your Masa with grinded pepper or with stew. Some people eat their Masa with honeybee, some choose pepper soup, pepper meat to eat their Masa. All Is good and delicious, it depend on the size of your pocket. But for a middle income earner, it is better to choose the one I mentioned above because it is cost effective.

Thank you all for reading and I hope you find this very helpful. Please if you have question you can drop on the comment box, I will reply you as soon as possible.

Content created and supplied by: Rasheeed (via Opera News )

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