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Avoid taking these ten (10) dangerous combination of foods, they kill.

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Let us quickly analyze these 10 foods combination that are bad for your health and could harm you in the long run.

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Below is a summarized list of 10 foods combination that is bad for your health and could kill you.

1) Carbs and Animal Protein:

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Taking animal protein such as meat in combination with carbs such as potatoes or crabs could be harmful to your health and therefore not a good food combination because these can cause bloating, gas and flatulence. If you would like to eat a good food complimentary combos, then eat rice with beans.

2) Two high proteins together:

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Popular combination of two high proteins food is eggs and bacon. Both have high proteins index and prove to be too heavy for the digestive system. The foods take a longer time to digest and as a result started putrefying in the intestine. If you must eat two high protein foods, then make sure you leave like 15 to 20 minutes before eating both.

3) Juice/water with meals:

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This is one of the commonest food combos, but very harmful to your health. If you are the type that like washing down your meal with water or juice, unknowingly you are diluting your stomach acids that are going to help digest the food. When you drink water or juice immediately after eating, then you have dilute the stomach acids that will aids the digestive process and as a result of this, the food will not be properly digested and some will begins to rot in the intestine.

4) Fruits with meals:

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If you are the type that loves eating mango after a meal, so doing this because it is harming your digestive system. Fruits get digested faster than meal, so when taking together in combination, the fruits get detained in your body system with the meal causing the sugar in the fruits to ferment and later caused stomach trouble.

5) Fruit and Yogurt:

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Yogurt is found to contain live bacteria culture that feeds on the sugar present in the fruits. This creates toxins and allergies that are harmful to the body system. If you must drink a yogurt, then make sure it is unflavored yogurt.

6) Combining cereals and milk with orange juice:

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Combining cereals and milk with orange juice is considered a real torture to your digestive system. Milk contains casein while orange contain acids and when both came in contact together, the milk curdles and destroyed the enzymes contains in cereals. Always take your cereals and milk separately before or after 30 minutes.

7) Banana and Milk:

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Eating banana and milk is a wrong food combo that is bad for your health. It is too heavy therefore it is not a good recommended food combo.

8) Cheese and Beans:

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This is also a wrong food combination that is not good for the health and should be avoided. Especially those with a weak digestive system should avoid this bloating and stomach gas.

9) Pasta and Tomatoes:

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This is not a good recommended food combo for the body and should be avoided. The acids in tomatoes destroy starchy enzymes in pasta. And lastly they curdles the cheese used in the pasta. So avoid combining both.

10) Meat and Cheese:

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Avoid eating this food combo too because your stomach does not want the combination.

Avoiding the above listed food combination goes a long way in keeping you and your body system healthy.

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