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If you want your kids to look radiant, fat and healthy, prepare this for them.

Many parents want to see their children in good health with a normal weight i.e they aren't underweight nor overweight. You’ll always be happy if your child is healthy and looks good too, so this is what I want you to do to make it happen.

  Prepare this for them and make sure you get used to it, which means you will keep giving for a while to keep them balance.

  Let us begin the preparation immediately.


  1) Boiling eggs

  2) Sweet potatoes

  3) Coconut milk


 4) A hand full of boiled peanuts


  How to prepare it:

  1)Take the potatoes, wash, stir and cook them.

  2) After boiling, allow it to cool.

  3)After cooling, place it in a blender and add the fried eggs and nuts. Add the coconut and mix it.

  4)When mixing, continue to add the coconut a little until you get the desired consistency.

  Make your kids happy and add weight.

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