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8 Healthy Foods That Can Cause Damage To Your Health

8 Health Foods That Can Cause A Serious Damage To Your Healthcare.

Most of the healthy foods has a side effect to your body they are healthy but can cause damage to your health this are the foods that cause damage to your health.


We all know milk is a Protainious foods that build our body fast and also calcium to make our gums stronger but also has a side effect. Researchers found that women drinking three to four cup daily have a 90% higher risk to death.


This high Protainious low fat food can cause antibiotics resistance to human health.

Cooking oil.

Rich in protein but also dangerous to our Healthcare this cooking oil side effect can cause over high fat to our body when we eat to much of it.

Fruit Drinks.

People who drink four or more cup of fruit drink per day have 37% grater chance of developing depression over the next decade sweet drinks that lead to Obesity And Diabetes.


We know tea helps to prevent cancer or heart disease or dementia. Tea seems to be a harmful drinks when over taking they can cause dental and skeletal problem to your health.

Spicy Foods.

Can decrease blood sugar and boost metabolism. But it can backfire and cause stomach pain in some people can stimulate a certain brain cells and trigger the aid and increase your stomach acids.

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