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How to prepare the Nigerian coconut meat pie filling and ingredients needed

 Everyone in Nigeria has come across the traditional Nigerian meat pie, and here is the recipe below.



1.   Regular flour – 3.25 cups

2.   Coconut flour – nearly 1 cup

3.   Coconut milk – 1 cup and half a cup

4.   Butter – 150 grams

5.   Eggs – 1 piece

6.   Pepper (Red, Green, Black) – to your taste

7.   Stock cube – 1 piece

8.   Baking powder – 1 teaspoon

9.   Salt – a bit (to your taste)

10.  Meat – 1 cup   

11. Coconut oil – 3 tablespoon

12. Thyme – 1 teaspoon

13. Mushroom – 2 pieces (optional)

14. Onion – half a bulb

15. Carrots – 1 piece



Step 1: Cut the meat into small pieces along with mushrooms (optional), carrot and onion.

Step 2: Take a spoon of regular flour and put into a small bowl.

Step 3: Add a little bit of coconut milk to create a thickener.

Step 4: Take a frying pan or pot and add some coconut oil to it.

Step 5: Put on the stove and turn on the fire.

Step 6: You’ll need to put the chopped onions first and let them fry alone for a minute.

Step 7: Add the pieces of meat and fry it to turn a nice pale color.

Step 8: Keep mixing periodically and later add the crushed cube along with thyme and black pepper.

Step 9: Salt the meat just like you love it.

Step 10: Pour half a cup of coconut milk into your meat and add carrot and mushrooms.

Step 11: Keep stirring for a while.

Step 12: Then cover the pan and let it steam for a minute.

Note: If you prefer adding red/green bell pepper, make sure its added before you turn off the heat and let your filling cool down.

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