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Mental Alert for everyone: Keep your Brain Healthy and Focus with these Nutritional Foods.

The human brain requires healthy foods and nutrients to make if functional and active, It is no doubts that healthy diet will help your heart too.

Do you know that your brain can determine your level of success and failure in life, some people have won awards in their respective carriers this is due to the activeness of the brain.

In as much as we want our brains to be active in terms of critical thinking, it is also more important to keep the brain healthy and alive, because if the brain is sick or infected it will affect the whole body. That is why will be looking at foods that will help our brain function actively.

Nuts are very good food to the brain, they contain proteins and omega fatty acids these nutrients nourish your brain and aid in building memories. Nuts that are advisable are walnuts, almonds.

Beans is another food that is rich in fiber, B vitamins and omega fatty acids which help with concentration and memorizing, as well as aiding in the creation of new memories and are essential for brain development.

Whole Grains are another brain foods they contain complex carbohydrates, omega 3s and B vitamins they all support normal brain function. Avocados is a very good food that are filled with omega fatty acids as well as vitamin E, they help protect cell membranes from free radicals essential for cell growth.

Remember health is wealth, avoid eating too much junk food they are not good for your brain. Follow me at the top right corner of this page for more interesting and helpful topics on food and health.

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