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Easy Method To Prepare Sweet And Creamy Tiger Nuts Drink At Home

Easy method to prepare sweet and creamy tiger nuts drink at home.

Tiger nuts drink popularly called "kunu aya" is a local drink from the Northern part of Nigeria, it is loved and drank by many Nigerians. But, some people don't know how to prepare this sweet drink.

You don't need to worry much, I'll be teaching you how to prepare this sweet and creamy drink.

Ingredients we'll need

1. Tiger nuts (fresh/dried)

2. Coconut

3. Dates (dabino)

4. Little sugar (optional)

Steps on how to prepare

1. Hand pick the tiger nuts to remove dirts and stones.

2. If the tiger nuts are dried, you need to wash and soak overnight to make it soft. If the tiger nuts are fresh wash and pour into a clean bowl.

3. Remove the seeds of the dates (dabino), break the coconut open and cut into small pieces.

4. Add to the container of tiger nuts and ground smoothly.

5. Sieve the ground mixtire in a sieve or sieve cloth inti another clean bowl.

6. Add little sugar (because the ingredients are already sweet).

7. Keep in the refrigerator to get cold.

8. Serve chilled and enjoy.

Note: you can't refrigerate and keep more than a day.

Try this recipe at home for your family and friends today.

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