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Follow These 6 Simple Steps To Extract Quality Palm Oil At Home For Domestic Uses

Palm oil is one of the most used oil types in the world today. There are various uses for it. While it is used mostly for cooking purposes, palm oil is also used in the production of many household products like soap, pomade etc.

The high demand for palm oil toady has made it a priceless commodity. Nigerians use it in preparations of a variety of dishes. It is better to process your own palm oil at home, than using market-bought ones. At least it is cheaper than ones purchased from the market. That way you cut down on your monthly feeding budget. More so, the ones produced at home tend to be healthier and fresher than market-bought ones. 

Follow these 5 easy steps to extract your own palm oil at home.

1. Wash The Palm Fruits

After harvesting the palm fruits from the bunch, the first step is to properly wash the fruits with clean water to do away with any dirt particles that may cling to it from the harvesting.

2. Put The Fruits In A Pot, Add Enough Water And Bring To A Boil

After washing the palm fruits, the next step is to pour the fruits in a pot. Add enough water to the pot and then bring its contents to a boil. Allow the palm fruits to boil for at least one hour. The amount of time needed to boil the palm fruits depend on the quantity you are using and Tue specie of the fruits. When the fruits become soft and begin to crack open then they are ready for the next stage of the extraction process.

3. Mash The Boiled Palm Fruits In A Mortar

Pour the already boiled palm fruits in a mortar. Use a seiver to separate the fruits from the water and pour them into a mortar. Mash the palm fruits with a pestle in the mortar. Be careful not to break the nuts. Mash until you get the oily juice.

4. Separate The Juice From The Chaff

Use a siever to separate the juice from the chaff. Put the mashed palm friuts into a clean pot. Pour water into the mashed palm fruits and extract the juice into the water and separate the chaff and the nuts.

5. Boil The Palm Oil Juice You Just Extracted

After extracting the pal oil juice, bring it to a boil again. But the palm juice until you see the oil floating on top it.

6. Extract The Oil On The Surface Of The Juice

After the oil has risen to the surface, separate it from the water and boil it again to further purify the oil. After the palm oil has cooled, pour into clean jars and containers for storage.

Alternatively, you can watch a video of the whole process by clicking here.

Do not throw away the nuts or the chaff you got from the refining. Dry the chaff and use it for lighting log fires at home. Dry the nuts also, and sell them or extract the oil from the nuts. Click here to learn how to extract palm nut oil.

Palm oil business is one of the most booming agrobusinesses in Nigerian toady. You can read this great article about how to start up your own palm oil business.

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