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How to Make your own Powdered Milk At home

Trying to make milk at home may not be easy for the first time but it is fun and you will know what you are consuming its not a mix up.


1. Fresh milk

2. Sugar(powdered sugar)

3. Vanilla flavor


1. On a low heat, pour the milk into a saucepan and get your stirring tool and start turning gently and continuously.

2. Try as much as possible to avoid it from burning because it will make your milk more darker. Keep turning the milk until it thickens very well and no liquid in it just as the image below

3. Turn of the heat and spread the milk on the sauce pan.

4. After cooling, cut them into tiny pieces, spread on a large tray and dry it completely.

5. After drying, grind it into powder and sieve it into smooth powder.

6. Add your sugar and flavour. That's all your milk is ready!

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