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Add this new ingredient to your EGUSI soup to make it more tasty and enjoyable

Hello everyone, welcome to my space on opera hub.

Do you know that there is a new and better way to prepare your egusi soup? it's more like reinventing your soup with just one ingredient to make it more tasty and enjoyable.

Egusi is a very common soup and probably one of the most enjoyable soup in Nigeria. An average Nigerian cooks egwusi soup twice as much as they cook other soups.

However, using the same method and ingredients to cook your egusi over and over again, can become boring, and probably make it less enjoyable.

This why I have decided to introduce this new ingredient to you which will help spice up your egusi delicacy, add some crunchiness to it and make it more delectable.

I have tried out this new recipe a couple of times, and although it sounds weird to some persons, it's actually very delicious, you might even make it your favorite way of preparing your egusi after you have given it a try. it is called yummy Egusi and Okro soup

Now without further ado let's get started:

The Ingredients remains the same for preparing your normal Egusi soup using the frying or cooking method. The only addition is our new ingredient which is Okro. Here are the ingredients you need.

1. Eguisi

2. Ogiri

3. Dry fish

4. Crayfish

5. Fresh pepper

6. Onions

7. Fresh tomatoes (optional)

8. Chicken

9. Scent leaf and ugwu (the scent leaf should be more, it gives the soup a special taste)

10. Red/palm oil

11. Salt and seasoning to taste


First Prepare your Ingredients

1. Blend your crayfish, ogiri, onions and pepper.

2. Grind your Egusi seeds to powder.

Note: mix the egusi with little water, salt and seasoning in a bowl, this makes it form balls when you fry it.

3. Wash your dry fish with hot water and set aside

4. Dice your onions

5. Wash your chicken, season it to taste and boil

6. Wash your scent leaf and ugwu, slice and set aside

Main Business

Frying method

1. Place a pot on the fire and allow to dry

2. Add your red oil, do not bleach because it is not healthy

3. Add your diced onions and little diced scent leaves, fry a bit to get the aroma

4. Add your blend of crayfish, Pepper onion and ogiri, and your washed dry fish. Keep frying

5. After a while, add your eguisi blend, and stir.

Note: reduce the heat so you can fry the eguisi properly without burning. This gives it a special taste.

6. After a while, add your chicken stock and boiled chicken.

7. Allow to boil well, so it will be thick or form egusi moulds.

8. Wash your Okro and remove the stem, like so:

Then dice it using your grater or knife, depending on how big or small you want your okro to be, I prefer mine this way.

8. Observe to see if any adjustment will be required in the seasoning or water/stock level

9. If non, add your diced vegetables, sliced Okro, and simmer for few minutes and put down.

Your Egusi soup is ready to be served.

Alternatively, you can use the Boiling method, and add your Okro same way we did using the frying method.

1. Add water/stock, dry fish, blended crayfish, pepper, onions and ogiri, red oil and chicken to a pot.

2. Place the pot on the fire and allow it to boil

3. When it has boiled a bit, add your red oil and allow to done

4. Add seasoning to taste

5. When done, add your Egusi blend, and leave to boil

6. Observe the quantity of water/ stock, if too much, leave the pot open so it can evaporate, if too little add more, and cover your pot

7.when it has boiled, it will be thick or form moulds

8. Add your vegetables, Okro simmer for few minutes and bring down

Dish your egusi and serve. Trust me you are going to enjoy every bit of it. Just try it.

Content created and supplied by: MadamTessy (via Opera News )

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