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Don't Ever Combine These Common Foods, If You Still Want To Live Long.

Everybody eats food every day all over the world. Most people think that feeding is just taking anything that has been certified fit for eating , but let me tell you that there are various food combos that can actually prove to be harmful to your health.

The following are some food combinations that you should avoid:

1. Sweets and Alcohol.

Yes, I know that most people will say it is a lie but I will prove it by telling you that Alcohols tends to convert the sugar into saturated fats, which can get easily accumulated in the body. But if you insist on taking something after alcohol do well to take green vegetables.

2. Water with food.

Taking water along with meals is a very bad combination. This is because water tends to dilute stomach acids, which are essential for digesting the food that you eat. This will make food digesting difficult for your stomach.

3. Fruits and yogurt.

I know you will be surprised at this because most of us who have always believed the myth that eating fruits and yogurt is a very healthy choice may feel disheartened with the truth which is that taking fruits with yogurt is never good. The reason is that when the acid from fruits comes in contact with the protein in yogurt, it does not only affect the digestive fibers rather it also makes it toxic. Also note that this toxic food combination can lead to food allergies.

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