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See How To Prepare Garlic Healthy Soup

Garlic soup is a combination of good health and good taste.

Garlic soup is a traditional recipe found in different cultures and its very nutritious and healthy for the body.

Here are some ingredients and procedures used in making garlic soup.


*Fresh bread /slightly stale bread

*Roasted garlic

*Chicken broth


*Coconut milk(regular milk can also be used)


*Roast garlic cloves(you can do it ahead in batches and freeze).

*Add chicken broth,herbs and you add a very little canned milk or regular milk (as mentioned above in the list of ingredients-and it's used for creaminess).

N/B;all these should be poured into the blender

*Then,cube up your bread(either fresh or stale) and let it get really wet.

*N/B;The bread is as a the thickener for the soup.

*you can now blend it but in a pot with an immersion can serve with with side salad and have an amazing dinner/launch.

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