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Parents: See These 5 Meals to Help Boost Childrens Brainpower!

Children are believed to be the leaders of tomorrow, which is why its important to give give them these healthy foods to Sharpen their memory, please read to the end

1) Fatty fishes;fishes like salmon and others have the ability to increase memory concentration in children, fishes like salmon are excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids which is good for brain development

2) Eggs;eggs are very rich in protein which are good for brain development and serves as a brain booster food for children, egg yolk on the other hand are filled with Choline which helps in the enhancement of the memory. So it is very advisable to give eggs to our children before going to school to keep their minds sharpened during class.

3) Oat meal;Oat meal is believed to be one of the most familiar cereals for kids, due to it's rich nutrients like Vitamin E, zinc, potassium and other which helps in development of the brain, it is advisable to give Oat meal to our children before going to school especially in the morning, to give enough energy to their brain.

4) Vegetables;enough vegetables helps in keeping the brain cells healthy , due to it's composition of necessary Vitamins and minerals, vegetables like Tomatoes, spinach and others are rich sources of Iron

5) Iron Fortified meals;meals like meats, beans, cereals and bread also play a huge role in brain development of Children.

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