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How To Prepare A Delicious Efo Riro

Try this steps and you will be glad you did


Stock fish and dry fish

Meat and shaki (intestine)

Vegetable (Efo leaf)

Tatashe and pepper

Onion, crayfish, cooking cubes,palm oil, locust beans and salt


Wash your meat and shaki (intestine) with salt

Wash stock fish and dry fish set aside

Remove the seeds of the tatashe and blend

Grind your pepper and crayfish then slice your onion

Wash your locust beans set aside


Cook your shaki(intestine) with little water, when it curls add your meat(this is so because shaki is tougher than red meat)add stock fish and dry fish allow them to cook till it's almost soft add your desired amount of cubes depending on the quantity add some sliced onions as well and continue cooking till it's properly soft.keep aside

In another pot,add palm oil (be generous in your oil) and allow it to heat then add the remaining onions

Stir fry the tatashe and pepper until there's no water,add locust beans (iru) and crayfish add stock cube to taste and stir.

Then add the meat and fish you set aside and stir.

Add your vegetable (Efo) stir,then taste to know the quantity of salt to add allow it to boil a bit then bring down the food.its ready

NB be stingy with water while cooking cos it best less watery to give you what you want.

You can serve it with any swallow of choice

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Efo Efo Riro Tatashe


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