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8 Things You Think Are The Same But Are Not

Having a knowledge of something is good but putting that knowledge in action is genius. There are things we take for granted,maybe we weren't aware of it or we feel too lazy to learn about them.

It actually feels good to know that what you have treasured for years to be true are not actually what it is. Here are some of those simple things below.

Grocery stores and Supermarkets

The products in grocery stores are also in supermarkets, but the opposite isn’t necessarily true. The difference in products and store size are the main reasons “supermarkets” and “grocery stores” aren’t the same thing. “Supermarkets” usually have a wider assortment of products going beyond food, but “grocery stores” stock a handful of household items at most, say these words not knowing they are no the same. Your are probably saying these words interchangeably thinking is the same word.

Frog And Toad

Toads have shorter legs in comparison to frogs, because they don’t have to jump as much as frogs do. They also have thick skin that isn’t as smooth and covered in mucus as the skin the frogs have.

Turtles And Tortoise

Turtles and tortoises may look kind of similar at first sight, but their living habits differ greatly. Turtles prefer water and can live both on land and in water. Tortoises dwell on land and don’t go swimming.

Graveyard And Cemetery

Every graveyard is a cemetery, but not every cemetery is a graveyard. In the past, it was only possible to bury the deceased on lands that were owned by the church and these lands were called graveyards. Later, with the growth of the population, the church’s land capacity wasn’t large enough, so separate cemeteries were created.

Biscuit And Cookies

Both biscuits and cookies refer to flour-based baked goods. Biscuits are usually more crunchy and can be either sweet or salty. Cookies are mostly sweet and may contain some filling like chocolate chips or nuts.

Butter And Margarine

Butter is made of milk, while margarine is a non-diary product made of vegetable oil. The main health concern about margarine is that it often contains trans fats, that may have a negative effect on cholesterol levels.

Jacket And Coats

Jackets are usually waist-length and may be lighter and fit tighter in comparison to coats. Coats are always an outerwear piece that should be hip-length or longer.

Tablet And Pills

A pill is a general terms that refers to medicaments that contain medication in a solid form like tablets, capsules, and soft gels. Tablets specifically refer to medicine with a round shape, that may vary in size.

Learning a new thing everyday is the best way to stay on top over your equals. Just try it out and see if you won't be happy hereafter.


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