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Meet The Woman Who Became A Millionaire By Eating On YouTube

This is the story of a former daycare owner who became a millionaire by eating large quantities of food in front of a camera and uploading them on her YouTube Channel. These woman goes by the name Bethany Gasky.

When you record yourself while eating a large meal is called Mukbang videos. These actually originated from Japan. According to report, Bethany Gasky has made over $1 million on her YouTube channel. Popular news station like BBC and CNN published stories about her.

Well some might be surprised, and also ask these questions, who would want to waste data watching someone who is eating on YouTube? Well her followers says it all. She has millions of followers, which means some people derive pleasure watching other people eat.

Another thing about her video is that she hardly talks, she just eat. Her fans actually see if it's really possible to consume the kind of food Bethany Gasky eats.

According to report Bethany Gasky started her YouTube channel in 2017, today Bethany has about 2 million subscribers.

Bethany consumes 30 eggs, 30 chicken wings, cheeseburgers, onions and butter sauce in one sitting.

According to report from New York Times, the large amount of food she eats daily can cause damage to her body system, but it doesn't bother Bethany.

Bethany actually uploads 2 videos daily, which means she eats large quantity of food twice everyday.

Bethany is 44 years old, and she two sons.

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