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Dear Nigerians, Enough of Jollof Rice - Try This New Delicious Green Rice

Dear Nigerians, you’ve been eating white rice, fried rice, Jollof rice all your life and mere looking at you shows that rice is about to grow on your head. It is time to try something new, something like green rice and i promise you’ll love it.

Green rice may sound weird, just like sighting a purple cow will look weird but I promise eating green rice is a striking delicious dish.

Preparation is so simple and easy and what made me love this delicious meal is for the fact that there’s no dye or coloring in this dish… just a handful of great ingredients.

This green rice has some great nutrients in it since half of the green color comes from fresh spinach! That makes it totally healthy right?

Fluffy, fast white rice infused with green broth made from herbs and peppers! Just 7 ingredients and simple methods required + fluffy rice cooking tips!

After preparation, serving it alongside a fried beef with a chill soft drink does the job for me. If you are a woman or man, you can try this at home and I bet you’ll never regret it.

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Fluffy New Delicious Green Rice Nigerians


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