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Apart from Ofe Nsala, Ofe Akwu, Here Is Another Delicious Igbo Soup You'Ve Probably Not Heard About

Foods differ in different ways and one category of food that is well known is soups, soups are usually not eaten alone, most of the time there are swallow foods that go very well with them.

In Nigeria, we have a lot of soups and most of them belong to different tribes, for example, we have ewedu soup that is a cultural soup of the Yoruba people, we also have soups like Ofe Akwu, Ofe Nsala, Ofe Owerri, and Ofe Okazi which belong to the Igbo people.

Different soups go well with different foods, some can go with starch, some go well with amala, some others go well with pounded yam, and so on, let's not forget the ones that taste really good with eba too.

The Igbo culture has a good number of soups and apart from the ones I mentioned above, there is one other delicious soup that is of the same Igbo origin.

Of all the Igbo soups you've heard of and eaten, have you ever heard of Ofe Onugbu? I'm pretty sure you haven't or have you?

Ofe Onugbu is also known as bitter leaf soup, this soup is chiefly of Igbo origin and it can be cooked using assorted meat, shaki, and even kpomo.

Ofe Onugbu can be eaten with eba, pounded yam, fufu and so on, it just depends on what the person in question likes, for example, I'd rather eat Ofe Onugbu with pounded yam, I don't know about you though.

One intriguing thing about Ofe Onugbu is its English name in contrast with its taste, it is otherwise known as bitter leaf soup but this doesn't mean that the soup is bitter, it is actually a very delicious and tasty soup, in fact, you should try it out.

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