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Agege Bread With Hot Akara Or A Hamburger ? Please Choose Wisely

Yes i know it's a very hard choice to make and am pretty sure your in a dilemma at the moment. Imagine a scenario where you walk into a dinning hall maybe in the early hours of the day, and you're hungry, except if you eat in your dreams and then you're presented with a choice. Making a choice between eating an Agege Bread with hot Akara (bean cake), or eating a Hamburger. Tough choice isn't it, although a Hamburger may sound all fancy and look very well packaged and pleasing to the eye, never under estimate the power of a combination of a freshly baked Agege Bread With Hot Akara sandwiched in between, it's just too lovely a combination to turn down.

While a Hamburger is made out flour mixed other ingredients and beaten to for a dough, which is cut into different shapes, with Ham (meat) sandwiched in between with some vegetables like tomatoes, onions and green leaf stuffed into it, to give it a beautiful and irresistible aroma that almost no one can resist.

It's However the simple Agege Bread and Akara combination, that has been saving lives since we can remember. Simply put it is more affordable compared to a Hamburger,it probably has more nutritional benefits to the consumers. So if you were given an opportunity to make a choice, between hot Akara and Agege Bread or a Hamburger which one would you pick and why ?. Please let us know your response in the comments section. Thanks for using opera news hub. Don't forget to like our page and share with friends.

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