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Different Types Of Beans You Never Knew That Exist.

Beans are crops that have a kidney shape, Beans are very high in protein they contain about 9.6g of protein and also contain carbohydrates, folate and iron.

They contain some significant amount of anti-nutrients that are responsible for enzymes process in the body.

Beans is one of the cheapest fiber food we can afford, and just a cup of beans contains about 13g of soluble fiber which can also help to maintain and lower blood cholesterol.

There are so many types and colour of beans, let's take a look at them in the images below.

Brown kidney beans.

Dark red kidney beans.

Long shape light speckled kidney beans.

Organic kidney beans.

Red kidney beans.

White kidney beans.

Black eye white kidney beans.

Vienna brown kidney beans.

Green beans.

Fava kidney beans.

Dry kidney beans.

Black kidney beans.

All this are different types of beans will have.

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