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Instead Of Always Adding Sugar To Your Tea And Garri, You Can Use This Other Condiment In Its Place

The sweetness that sugar brings is something that I really don't understand, sometimes I wonder where it comes from, and what those tiny crystals are all about, sugar is a substance that many people enjoy but when it is consumed in unhealthy quantities it can cause some health issues, especially when taken in large quantities daily, there are different ways to take in sugar and even though we consume sugar from sweetened drinks and other sweet substances, I'll talk mainly on the conscious adding of sugar to our foods, for example, when making soaking garri sugar can be added, also, when preparing tea.

Added sugar is the sugar that we add to our foods to make them sweet and when consumed in excess it might have health deteriorating effects in the long run.

Well, there is a substance that you can use in place of sugar, it's not because the substance is better or more nutritious, but this substance is equally sweet and can fit into foods like tea and garri.

The substance I speak about is honey, honey is sweet and just like sugar, it can be added to foods to make them sweeter. Have you used honey to make your food sweeter before? If you have not then it's about time you tried it.

There are few things you should know about honey, for example, it is produced by bees (honeybees) and it doesn't contain fibers or protein. It is generally okay for humans to consume honey but remember to be moderate when doing so. Don't forget that honey can be used to replace sugar when preparing tea or when soaking garri.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not telling you to stop using sugar, I'm just saying you can use honey in its place if the need arises, for example, you might run out of sugar and need to add a sweetener to your food, use honey if it's readily available instead of going out to look for sugar.

What other condiments or substances can be used instead of sugar?

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