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See Photos of The Most Expensive Restaurant in the World Where Food Cost Over 800k.

I am one of those people who are very particular about the things that goes into my body especially the Food I eat. Food is a very Essential Requirement for one to live. There are various classes of food which ranges from Carbohydrates, protein, Vitamin, Minerals and others.

A lot of People who are very intentional about their health spend a lot of money in making sure they eat right. Even the Rich is not left out of this category as they also spend a lot of money just to get good food. The Most Expensive Restaurant is the world is known as Sublimotion which is located at Ibiza in the heart of Spain.

Sublimotion is a very Classy Restaurant which was launched in 2014 and it is has been in operation for Six years. This Restaurants treats it's customers to very tasty and interesting dishes between 15-20 course meal. It also cost around 856,800 and above to eat at Sublimotion and accommodates a Maximum of 12 people at a Sitting.

The Head Chef known as Paco Roncero is an Award winning Michelin Star who established Sublimotion in 2014 after seeing the need for people to have an awareness with food that doesn't only involve Eating. This meant involving other sense organs like Ears, Nose, Eyes, etc. 

At the Entrance of the Restaurant, the customers are being handed their tickets which unknown to them are edible. However you are expected to eat the ticket when you get inside because that is your gate pass. Amongst the tickets given is one lucky golden ticket which is used to give the person a Special treat based on his request. 

There are about 25 professional chefs who serve each guest at every course meal and this experience lasts for about three hours.

Sublimotion makes use of very creative ways in preparing their dishes which makes them stand out from the rest. This involves the use of air pressure and varying temperatures in the cooking of foods to give the a unique and whole new taste and texture. Their dishes includes oysters, Shrimps, Caviar, Steak Scallop,candies, salads and others.

Accompanied with the foods are projections around the table that will make one feel so surreal and even giving a heightened sense of excitement while eating. For instance if are you being served fishes or any sea food in particular, there will be projections of the Aquatic habitat Around you.

Sublimotion is usually only open from June to September and before the time, the seats have mostly been reserved by people. Most times people have to bit for a seat much earlier in the year and they serve a different menu every year. However this year they won't be operating as a result of the ongoing Corona virus Pandemic.Isn't this Beautiful? Drop a Compliment in the Comment section below and kindly Like, Share and Follow for more Updates. Thanks

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