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How to cook Banga soup

 Banga soup as it is popularly Known is mainly called palm nut soup as it is made from palm nut fruits.

 It is similar to the Igbo's Ofe Akwu, but the additional spices used in preparing the Banga soup make it differ in taste and aroma.

  Banga soup is known by several names; it is called izuwo amedi in Urhobo language and izuwo edi in Isoko language.


  Palm fruits

  Cooked assorted meat

  Dried cat fish

  Cooked stock fish(optional)

  Meat stock or water

  Grounded crayfish 

  Fresh fish (optional)

  1 tablespoon of grounded banga spice

  A handful of scent spice leaves

  Oburunbebe stick (brown herbal stick used for banga soup)

  1 small onion bulb

  Maggi cube

  Chilli pepper


  Mode of preparation

  First, boil the palm kernel fruit about 30 minutes and check to be sure the skin is soft. Then pound lightly in a mortal to extract the oil. Make sure you don't break the nuts while pounding but peeling off the skin. Pour in some hot water and strain the extract through a sieve. Put in a pot and boil until it thickens and rises to the top.

 Add the meat water or water, depending on the thickness you want. The more water you add, the thicker the soup and vice versa. Leave to boil for about 8 minutes. Now chop the onions, add the chopped onions, assorted meat and stock fish into the boiling meat water. 

   Also add the pepper, grounded crayfish, grounded banga spices and the dried catfish. Cover and leave to boil for 10 minutes. 

  Don't forget you still have fresh fish. Add the fresh fish and the oburunbebe stick, cover and cook until the fresh fish is done. 

  Take out the oburunbebe stick and rinse so it can be used again later.

 Finally, add the scent leaves, simmer for one minute and your Banga soup is ready.

Note: Banga soup is usually served with starch, but it also goes well with eba, semo, amala, pounded yam, lafu, wheat meal, tuwo or fufu.


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