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4 Nigerian delicacies that are native to both Igbo and Yoruba tribes

Nigerians love to prepare different foods that are mouthwatering. They do this because of the belief that food is essential to life perhaps that is why they take time to prepare good meals. There are many tribes that constitute the country, of which Igbo and Yoruba are important. Igbo tribe are talented in preparing delicious traditional meals, both at home and occasions.

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Yoruba people on the other hand are also good in cooking meals especially those that are adopted from foreign countries. Nevertheless, they seldomly prepare traditional meals that are beneficial to humans.

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Generally speaking, both tribes are good in making nice meals, especially in some delicacies that are eaten by both tribes. 

1. Obe Egboyin or Ofe akwu (Banga soup)

This is a popular soup in southern Nigeria, it is made of palm nut. The Yoruba people called it 'obe egboyin' while Igbo people named it 'ofe akwu' or banga soup. The food is very nutritious and delicious when eaten with rice or other foods.

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2. Abari or ukpo oka

Abari or ukpo oka is a food made with corn. Grinded corn is made into moinmoin like pudding. It is called 'abari' in yoruba land while Igbo people named it 'ukpo oka'.

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3. Obe apon or ogbono soup

Apon or ogbono soup is a Nigerian traditional draw soup made with the seeds gotten from African wild mango (Òro). It is called obe apon in Yoruba land while Igbo people give the soup ogbono. Many people love this Nigeria soup to eat solid foods like fufu.

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4. Obe efinrin, eweluje or black soup

This Nigerian soup is also known as black soup because of its dark colour. It is usually called obe efinrin in yoruba land while igbos know it as Nchuanwu. The appearance of the soup may not be friendly but it is nutritious and taste great.

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