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Check out 11 fruits and vegetables with unusual shapes

Oranges are spherical. Cucumbers are cylindrical, with rounded ends. Pears are…pear shaped.

Except when they’re not. The grocery store would like us to believe that fruits and vegetables are all uniformly shaped, but everyone knows the opposite is true. Depending on how they’re planted, fruits and veggies can grow in all sorts of strange shapes and sizes. Sometimes they look like completely different objects!

And that’s all there really is to say about it. So without further ado, here are 12 fruits and vegetables that look like something else entirely. Sometimes, nature likes to get weird.

1. Mother Child Hugging Veggies

2. Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls

3. The Pouting Carrot…Does Anyone Carrot About Me At All?

4. Owl Apple

5. This Funky Carrot Got Moves

6. Angry Birds Coming To An Onion Aisle N

7. A Duck-shaped Tomato

8. A Bear-shaped Potato

9. Angry Pickle

10. Potato That Look Like A Sheep

11. That's a human leg, oh no it's a radish

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