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He Wanted To Make Pancakes But See Photos Of What He Ended Up With That Doesn't Look Like Pancakes.

There is hardly anyone who didn't make jest of him, a few nice people offered him help in terms of advise, some other people gave him recipes for pancakes while some people told him straight up to quit making pancakes. See different reactions.

Pancake is one of the easiest things to do in baking, get your ingredients, mix and fry, simple. I didn't know until now that it can be a big deal for some people, ordinary pancakes, my God! See what pancakes are supposed to look like.

Aside the fact that pancakes are are easy to make, they are also very fast and I can say it isn't one kind of expensive thing. Unless you chose to garnish it with them grapes and syrup.

See what this guy too fried that looked like eggs and he called it pancakes

Basically, you need eggs, milk, sugar, flour and oil to fry. Yes, basically! Every other ingredient is an extra.

This young man decided to try it out, judging from his ingredients in the bowl, you can already see that the butter he put was very unnecessary, he already missed it.

How on earth will you then fry a pancake using deep frying method as if you are frying plantain? 

It is called pancakes and you are supposed to you a frying pan, non-stick preferably, little oil and you pour your batter in it.

He did this and it came out like akara. It doesn't even look like pancakes.

Does it look like pancakes to you and in your own opinion, what did he do wrongly?

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