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Women, Stop Giving Your Man Malt And Milk For Energy, Instead Prepare This Drink For Him

It’s pretty funny when I see things that people think work. Some people believe in advanced health advice such as malt and milk for energy consumption. Some people take everything at once to replenish or increase blood volume.

    While this is a fairly popular practice, it doesn’t mean it works. Taking barley and milk does not give you blood, maybe energy.

    Malt and milk do not contain the necessary iron, which is responsible for the production of hemoglobin supplied by the blood to the body.

    Also, the amount of energy gained from drinking malt and milk is not comparable to that of this drink. This is called Pai Pai Pai. Not only does it taste better than malt and milk, but it is also much healthier. Pineapple contains important minerals and vitamins that help rejuvenate the body. It also contains fiber to help digestion and bowels. It contains healthy carbohydrates that provide energy. The same goes for coconut milk. Below is a step by step guide on how to prepare this drink. Get ready and give it not only to your spouse, but to the whole family.


    1) Cup of fresh pineapple

    2) A cup of coconut milk

    3) A cup of coconut cream

    4) I am a teaspoon of ginger

    5) Two chalk balls

    6) Cinnamon


    1) Wash the pineapple thoroughly and cut into smaller pieces

    2) Also wash ginger, lime and chunks

    3) Put them in a fruit blender

    4) Add the coconut cream to the milk and then the optional cinnamon

    5) Then mix everything together

    6) Sift into a bowl and the pineapple cream cake smoothie is ready. You can put your drinks in the fridge if you want.

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