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5 tips that will help in cooking a delicious pot of plantain porridge

Some people are of the opinion that unripe plantain porridge is not delicious, they insist that it is only the ripe plantain porridge that is worth eating because it taste sweeter.

I completely disagree with this view, when made with the proper technique unripe plantain porridge can taste really unique and delicious. This article would state five tips that you need to adopt when cooking unripe plantain porridge to give it a superb taste.

The nutritive value of unripe plantain can't be overemphasized, it is rich in lots of vitamins and minerals that should not be missed.

5 tips you need to know

1. Perboil the plaintain with onions to allow the taste of the onion sink into the plantain.

2. Always use spicy vegetables like scent leaf, curry leaf or uziza leaf.

3. Use enough crayfish and fish.

4. If you are using palm oil, use a well scented one.

5. If you are using tomatoes paste, ensure it fries properly before adding the plantain.

These five tips will surely get you a delicious and unique tasting pot of plantain porridge, whether it is ripe or not.

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