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Check Out 10+ Nigerian Delicacies That Will Surely Make You Salivate

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Nigeria are popularly known for preparing and eating the most delicious and nourishing delicacies in Africa, which are well resourced with the 6 balance diet in their right proportion. So many African countries, and even some European countries enjoy preparing and eating the Nigerian delicacies check out some Nigerian Delicacies that will keep you hungry and salivating.

1.Fried Plantain and Roasted Fish.

These particular delicacy is very delicious and is being prepared in so many restaurants in Nigeria it is highly demanded in bars and is sometimes served with a sauce made like stew.

2.Boiled Plantain and fried eggs/carrot.

This meal is mostly prepared at home it may likely not be found in restaurants except if booked, it is prepared and eaten with carrot sprinkled around it. It will be properly enjoyed if served with a very chilled drink try it at least once at home.

3.Bread and Beans Cake(Akara). This is one of the most popular and mostly eaten Nigerians delicacy it is mostly bought and prepared by the road side, this meal is mostly eaten in the morning hour time ranging from 7am till 12 am it is most time used as an appetizer. It made with beans and will be properly enjoyed with a chill soft drink.

4.Beans And Fried Plantain. OMG these food is the mostly fanced food in Nigeria it is mostly enjoyed in the morning hour. Although it might be hardly found in the restaurant but is mostly prepared at home.

5.Indomie and Fried eggs. When we talk about indomie we talk about the kids, because it is mostly eaten by the kids it is sometimes sold in the road side during the Night hours of the day from 7pm till 10. Indomie is said to be a life saver because it is easy to prepare and it is available at a very affordable price.

6.Moi-Moi. These is one of the most delicious Nigerians delicacies it is mostly prepared and sold by road vendors this delicacy goes hand in hand with garri it is very delicious and is mostly eaten by the Nigerian youths.

7.Yam And Spinach sausage. These is a very delicious and popular Nigerian delicacy it is mostly prepared at home, these delicacy is not commonly found in the restaurants because off it less demands. But it is enticing and best eaten with our bay hands.

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