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A very simple and Delicious mouth watering Tomato sauce recipe

The sauce can be eaten with your dumplings, boiled yam or cooked Rice. It is so delicious.


Smoke fish

Hard fresh tomatoes

Seasoning cubes


Dry fish



Fresh scot bonnet pepper

Green pepper

Red Bell pepper

Vegetable oil

Curry powder

Tumeric powder


1). Wash your tomatoes, pepper, onions, Green pepper and Red Bell pepper very well. Chop them up nicely into diced cubes.

Chopped Tomatoes

Green pepper and Red bell pepper

Diced onions

2). Use look warm water to rinse your dry fish and smoke fish, cut in to the sizes you want wither big or small. Also rinse your crayfish with look warm water and leave aside.

Dry Fish

Smoked fish


3). Place your Fry pan on fire with a little bit of oil, once the oil is hot, add some diced onions inside,let it fry to give your oil a nice aroma. Place the smoked fish, dried fish and crayfish inside, let it fry nicely with the onions.

4). Add your tomatoes and pepper, then add the sliced green pepper and red bell pepper, then mix every thing together nicely.

5). Add your Curry a little bit, seasoning cubes and salt to taste, then mix it very well and allow every thing to Fry. Once you are done with that, taste it to know if every thing is well fried and cooked.Then Your sauce is ready.

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Red Bell Tomato


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