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When Next You Want To Eat Quaker Oats Use This Method To Make It More Delicious

Quaker Oats is one of the healthiest whole grains on earth, it is a nutrient dense grain, and by nutrient dense; I mean its pack with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, protein, carbs and fiber. It's vast benefits to man, ranges from reducing hypertension, skin care, weight loss, diabetes prevention, as well cholesterol reduction.

Mango is a popular fruit in Africa, I've not met anyone who doesn't like mango, from eating it raw, to the ice cream, to the flavor, to the smoothies, mango is just a "BAE". It is rich in vitamin A, which is vital in boosting body immunity, it also promotes weight loss, as well improves eye health.

Now that that's out of the way, the main business of this article is to show you how you can enjoy your oats aside the normal oat making process, this is known as fruity Oat Smoothies.

Based on my initial article on hair growth, i laid little emphasis on eating right. Personally, my mantle is "eat right ,grow right ,glow right". An addition to that mantle would be to feel right. By Feel right, i'm talking about health wise. It's a norm in the Nigerian tradition to take Quaker Oats also known as oat meal porridge with bread, "Akara", moi-moi, beans, Snacks, Everybody does this right?, but cooking is an art, art is unique and oh well, variety is the spice of life.

To some, they don't fancy the general way of taking oats, they feel its for old people, they give excuses like it looks "yucky", some say its prison food, plenty description has been given to the normal oat making ways, but don't worry guys, i'm sure you'll love this one because its sweet as well as nutritious. I took this on one of my travels, i had to ask to be sure and i was shocked when i was told it was oats! Guys food "dey oh", the way they " poshed up " this smoothie, i was like mad oh! I felt like i was drinking something so expensive, which it was oh! Another benefit of this method is that you can use it for leftover oats, this is for our brethren that don't know how to finish food, as well as for those that can't eat oats once its cold, please don't throw it away anymore, use this method to enjoy it. Please take note that this method can be done with Different fruits of one's choice, i chose mango specifically because of the similarities in nutritious contents with oats as well as its flavor, lets get this delicious boat rowing!.


Mangoes;- 1-2 mangoes depending on the number of servings.

Oat;- 10-15 grams of it,this still depend on the number of servings.

Sugar or Honey : 15-20 grams based on the quantity of the oats , please be careful as mango is already a sweet fruit.

Milk;- liquid milk or powdered milk can be used. For powdered milk, mix it with the water for the oat. Add your desired quantity based on the size of the oats.

Yogurt;- 130-180 ml , not too little also not much.

Clean Water;- little water to cook your oats.

Droppings- this can be cashew nut, berries, almonds etc.Please, this can be made with or without the almonds or droppings.


Step 1 - Place a clean Pot with clean water on the fire add milk, add oats and stir until its properly cooked. When cooked turn off your cooker and place oats down then add your honey or sugar and stir properly, allow to cool off completely.

Step 2- Wash your mangoes and peel them, dice them into small bits then place them in the Blender.

Step 3- If you're using nuts like groundnuts,cashew nuts, almonds or other nuts as your droppings, please grind with a dry blender, this is optional as it is for those who want a taste of their droppings in the smoothie.

Step 4- Pour the cooled oat mixture into the blender, together with the mangoes, add the powdered nuts into the blend, then pour in your yogurt. Blend until it is thoroughly smooth.

Step 5- Turn the blend into a jar and refrigerate for 1-2 hours.

Step 6- Serve with droppings placed on the top edge of smoothie, or wherever you want to place it, just let it be on the smoothie oh.

Voila! Your Mango Oat Smoothie is ready! Delicious, healthy, and satisfying all in one jar, try not to get addicted to it like i am please.

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