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How To Cook Ofe Nsala (White Soup) Recipe


Goat meat 


Dried prawns 

White sweet potato 

Uziza leaves 

Grasshopper beans (ogiri okpei, iru, dawadawa) 

Preparing 3D shapes; Maggi/Knorr 


Habanero peppers 

Salt to taste 

Arrangement Method: 

1. Wash and clean the goat meat, sliced to wanted pieces. Cut the catfish into thick lumps, pour exceptionally high temp water on the fish to wash off the vile, channel the water, and put the fish in a safe spot. Spot the goat meat in a cooking pot and pour enough water to cover the meat. Include the flavoring and cook till nearly done. At that point include the fish and cook till both meat and fish is finished. 

2. While the meat is cooking, strip and sliced the sweet potato to little cuts. Bubble sweet potato in an alternate pot till delicate. At the point when delicate, pound with a mortar and pestle till it goes to a smooth glue, at that point put in a safe spot. 

On the other hand; you can substitute crude sweet potato with sweet potato powder or crude cocoyam or cocoyam powder. 

3. Mix the uziza leaves along with the bean stew pepper and crawfish, saved. 

4. At the point when the meat and fish are nearly done, include the mixed blend and ogiri okpei. Presently, mix in include the sweet potato glue in little irregularities, mix and add salt to taste. 

5. Spread pot and permit to cook at high warmth till all the sweet potato glue breaks down and thickens the soup. Believe that the sweet potato glue will make the soup excessively thick? You can eliminate some the sweet potato glue that are yet to disintegrate. Or then again add little water to release soup. 

6. Your nsala soup is fit to be presented with your most loved fufu – eba, semolina, amala, beat sweet potato and so forth. 

7. Appreciate me

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Crawfish Knorr Maggi Ofe Nsala White Soup


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