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Two Mistakes We Should Stop Making When Cooking With ''Ugu'' So As To Get Its Nutrients

'Ugu' is the local name for an African leafy vegetable known as 'fluted pumpkin'. For some people, it is added to foods to at least provide the presence of vegetables but these leaves are blessed with several nutrients that we could not take advantage of if we fail to utilize them in the right way. When cooking with 'Ugu', here are 2 mistakes most people are prone to making that you should exempt yourself from. 

Source: Hintnaija

1. Washing Before Cutting

These leaves are not usually added in foods like that because of their large sizes and for that reason, they are cut or sliced into more tiny fragments. There is a procedure you would use for this process and you might end up loosing most of it's minerals and nutrients. This is the process of cutting the leaves before washing them. Most people indulge in this act because most times it is easier a way to get through it without much stress. When you cut the leaves, you are exposing the minerals and nutrients in it to the atmosphere and as soon as you immerse them in water, you see a significant portion of it wash away into the water making the water to decolorize rapidly. The green colour you see in the water is merely your nutrients washing away. So to retain them, try and wash first before cutting so that when nutrients are exposed to the atmosphere, they are directly headed to your food.

2. Overheating

Leaves like most vegetables are vulnerable to heat. Vaporization that occurs when they are exposed to heat sees them loose most of their constituent minerals. When you add them to your foods while on fire, ensure that they are the final thing you are adding to your pot before bringing it down and when you've poured these leaves, do not allow them spend a long time on the fire before turning off the heat. By doing so, the nutrients are conserved and are not lost to the atmosphere through evaporation. 

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