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Check Out The 38 Foods You Should Never Store In The Fridge

Although, keeping food in refrigerators is one of the ways to preserve them, not all kinds of food should be kept in it. Humans started storing foods in the fridge since 1913 and ever since then, it has been one of the best ways to maintain food at room temperature. When otherwise they are kept in the fridge, they won't hesitate to disagree with you on the reason you kept them there. So, in this article, I would be listing some foods that shouldn't be kept in the refrigerator.

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1. Garlic

2. Nuts

3. Honey

4. Onions

5. Butternut squash

6. Olive oil

7. Raw potatoes

8. Bread

9. Sweet potatoes

10. Pumpkins

11. Avocados

12. Mangoes

13. Coffee

14. Melons

15. Aubergines

16. Cake

17. Unripe bananas

18. Hot sauce

19. Salad dressing

20. Dried fruit

21. Syrup

22. Chocolate

23. Pasteries

24. Peanut butter

25. Peaches

26. Pickled vegetables

27. Dried spices

28. Chocolate spread

29. Tomato ketchup

30. Jam

31. Soy sauce

32. Champagne

33. Citrus fruits

34. Butter

35. Eggs

36. Fresh soft herbs

37. Mature white wines

38. Tomatoes

So, there we have it, the 38 foods that should never be kept in the fridge. I know you might be frowning at some of them mentioned here. Probably, those are the ones you normally store in your fridge. Well, not that they are that bad to store in the refrigerator, but because they stand a 100% chance to lose their nutrients when refrigerated.

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I know some of us doesn't know this, but I don't see any benefits of eating foods that had already lost their nutrients. Some of them like tomatoes, cakes, pastries, chocolate, and onions will even spoil before you will be back to collect them. While others like melons require you to cut and put them into a plastic container before you can store them in the fridge.


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